Author, Playwright, Lecturer

Joe Beck

Mr. Beck has written hundreds of articles on subjects as diverse as Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayer to theatre reviews to African safaris to appropriate lighting for retail food stores. During the last 25 years, he's written for national and international trade and consumer magazines and newspapers. His work has taken him across North America, Central America, Europe, Japan and Africa.

The author, coauthor, collaborator and ghostwriter of nearly a dozen books, Mr. Beck has had enviable success in the for profit writing world.

Joe Beck continues to stretch his artistic boundaries with his playwriting, having numerous works produced off-broadway. Two of his works have won best new play awards.

Mr. Beck is a popular fixture on the lecture circuit, where he discusses getting published and writing for profit. At the start of each program he explains that he learned his trade from a successful, working, professional writer. He teaches the same principles during his presentations-there is no substitute for scrupulous research and hard work for those who want to succeed and make money as a professional writer.